Don't Just Market to Potential Customers

  • Nov 13, 2019

Sometimes it pays to market to people who are not potential customers. Medical providers market to doctors, not because they want the doctors to become patients, but because they want the doctors' patients to become their patients also.

This works two ways. First, they market to the doctor hoping for referrals. Secondly, they maket to the doctors' patients by providing promotional products that the patients will see in the doctor's office.

A patient checks in and he or she is given a clipboad with a provider's imprint. The above photo was taken at the checkin counter of an orthopedic surgeon's office. Or when the patient goes to check out, there's a calendar with the imprint of a provider. The patient then grabs a pen to write a check and there is an ad on the pen.

This concept is not limited to medical providers. An agent who sells car insurance, for instance, could provide auto litter bags with their imprint to nearby car washes and quick lubes. This would be an inexpensive way the agent could reach people who need car insurance.

Just about any business can donate promotional items to charity events. There are many inexpensive items that are great for such events: Pens, water bottles, bags, sunglasses, kitchen items (spatulas, measuring spoons, jar openers, oven mitts, peelers, bag clips, and more),  and cell phone accessories. When doing this keep in mind the nature of the event. A breast cancer awareness event would warrant things that are pink and/or have an awareness ribbon on them. A sports event - like a charity run - would be great for water bottles and weather-specific items.

Think about where your customers go and how to reach them though donations of promotional products to those venues.

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