Using Curiosity in Marketing

  • Nov 23, 2019

When you advertise in a crowded space, like the Pinterest page above, you need to do two things: First, you have to get noticed. You can use bright colors, crazy design, or, in this case, plain white background with large bold text. A photo of a baby, dog, scenery or an interesting person. Look at a pinterest page, or the ads in a shopper or anywhere else where advertisements are competing. Look at what stands out and figure out why.

Once you have eyeballs on your ad, they viewer has to have a reason to take further action. This applies whether it's a pin, a teaser on an envelope or the text on your business card. What are the benefits of your company? To  say something like "Springfield Realty, we help you buy or sell your house" says that you do the same thing as all your competitors do.

In the case of this pin, we may have no idea what they're selling or how it may benefit us. But it makes us curious. , What is the 10X rule? Does it help you lose weight, manage your personal life or grow your business, or something else? The only way to find out is by clicking on it.

I did check it out. It's a book on business. But I would have ignored it if hadn't been curious what the 10X method was. Discover Card started advertising that cardholders get their credit score free. People who are curious about their score are attracted. Real estate brokers advertise they will look at your house and for free give you an idea of what it's worth on the market.

Here is Jacksonville, years ago billboards popped up with a picture of a rock and nothing else.People were curious. Eventually the billboards where changed to show the whole story. We had a new rock music radio station in our area.

Think about ways you can make people curious about your business.

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