When Getting Noticed is not Enough

  • Mar 5, 2020

The first step to attracting new clients is to get noticed. But that is not enough. After all, we notice many advertisements everyday but have no interest in pursuing them. Your ad is wasted if someone notices it but is not interested.

The next step is to make people interested. The photo shown here is from a trade show. The product being pushed is printed table covers for event tables. Even if someone is interested in this product, why should he or she be interested in this particular company?

The answer is the slogan: "Beat my price"! This is so much more powerfull thatn the usual "Lowest Prices" type slogans. This is a challenge to the client. It engages them.

In my blog post "Five Steps to Business Growth" I list getting noticed as the first step, and giving them a reason to proceed as the second. This kiosk does both. You can't miss it if you are passing by, and the challenge makes you want to get involved (if you are interested in this products, of course).

Applying this to your business, think about what to do once you get someone's attention.

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