Where's Your Business Card Now? Part 1: Using Promotional Products

  • Nov 19, 2019


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So you have a contact. You give him or her your business card and/or a brochure, proposal or something. Then, at some later point in time, the client wants to contact you. So where is your information? Lost in a drawer full of business cards? Thrown into the trash? Or stashed for safe keeping somewhere that they now can't remember?

Do you really want to lose a client when there are simple, inexpensive ways to keep your information available? There are many promotional products that cost less than a dollar, and some less than 50¢, that they will keep and use. What is good for you depends who your customers are and what your budget is. Here are some suggestions:

Magnets: People put them on the refrigerator and they stay there forever. When I had a printshop, we would order pizza from Dominos. Not because they had the best pizza or the best price, but beause their phone number was at our fingertips. A delivery guy had given us a magnet and we stuck it on a file cabinet.

Stickers: If you have a place to stick them, you need them. Think of this, your hot water heater isn't working, and you look at it and there's a sticker with the name and number of the plumber who installed it. Your heat isn't working and you go to the thermostat and see a sticker with the name of whover you have been using. Or you move to a new house and have an electrical problem, and there on the inside of the fuse box door is a sticker of whoever has been servicing it.

Kitchen Items: Jar openers, chip bag clips, measuring spoons, pizza cutters, aprons, cutting boards, spatulas, oven mitts, and more.

Health Care Items: Pill holders, thermometers, tote bags for walkers, and cold packs.

Tech Items: Cell phone stands, earbuds, power banks, cell phone wallets, bluetooth speakers, screen cleaners, and styluses.

Industry Specific: There are stress relievers, jar openers, key tags, magnets, etc. with shapes for almost any industry, whether it be dental, real estate, auto repair, or plumbing.

Seasonal Products: Ice scrapers in winter, sunglasses, coolers or sunscreen in summer, eco-friendly items for Earth Day. And of course holiday gifts, cards, and ornaments.

Other Items: Pens, water bottles and tumblers, tote bags, calendars, sports schedules, and backpacks.


Make the most of your customer aquisition dollars. Make sure your message and contact information are available when your customers and prospects are ready.

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