Where's Your Business Card Now? Part 2: Be Where I Can Find You

  • Nov 20, 2019

The last article was about a client being able to find you. The solution offered in that article was to give the client a promotional product, like a refrigerator magnet or jar opener, that would be saved and used.

There is another approch. Suppose the client sees an ad you have in a shopper, or a television commercial, or just a sign on your truck. Here is an assortment of ideas that will work for various types of businesses.

  • Consistency with advertising. If you run an ad in the neighborhood shopper, do it every time. That way when someone who saw your ad, was interested, and wants to call you weeks or months later, can go to the lastest shopper and find your ad again. If you don't, they may find your competitors. My family's printing business promoted wedding invitations. Every Sunday we would have an ad on the page that has engagement and wedding announcements in our local newspaper. It worked well for us.
  • Catchy phone number or web site. I don't know what drug this is about, but I rember "purplepill.com", and I am not sure of which law firm it is, but I know "forthepreople.com". There is a cab company here that has the phone number "222-2222". There is a pest control company here that has"thecrittergitter.com". (Though this is memorable, spelling "get" incorrectly can cause confustion. I am a big advocate of not using funky spellings, for a number of reasons.)
  • Catchy web address. I'm not sure what the drug does, but I remember "PurplePill.com". I thought that one was such a good idea that I registered http://purplepromopages.com.
  • Catchy business name. After you saw the name "Kinkos" the first time did you forget it? What about "Blockbuster Video" or "Best Buy". So if you can pull this off, and get the domain name to go with it, that can pay off. When we first started using the Shorty's name, it worked like this. I thought it was catchy, and many have told me it is. I was able to get he phone number 1-800-SHORTYS (476-7897). I got a phone call once from one of the owners of Shorty's, the skateboard company, testing the number to see anyone had it. They were years late with that one. I once got a phone call from someone who asked if I deliver to Kendall (a city in Miami-Dade County). I quickly figured out that they were trying to call in a bar-b-q order.


Make the most of your customer aquisition dollars. Make sure your message and contact information are available when your customers and prospects are ready.

Next Dumb Marketing Mistake: "Don't Follow These Five Steps".

© Stephen Ghelerter, Shorty's Print and Promo

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