Marketing Lesson - U-Haul Truck

4 days ago

Do you see the marketing lesson here? Yes, I see two. The first is the medium being used. U-Haul is getting a lot of exposure for almost free. Other than the cost of painting the back of the truck the...

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Don't Follow These Five Steps

Mar 05

There are five important steps to grow your business. The focus here is to attract new customers and keep them.We'll start by just cutting to the chase and listing them. We will later go into more det...

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Where's Your Business Card Now? Part 2: Be Where I Can Find You

Jan 07

The last article was about a client being able to find you. The solution offered in that article was to give the client a promotional product, like a refrigerator magnet or jar opener, that would be s...

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Where's Your Business Card Now? Part 1: Using Promotional Products

Dec 20, 2018

  Sign Up for Our E-mail List - Click Here So you have a contact. You give him or her your business card and/or a brochure, proposal or something. Then, at some later point in time, the client ...

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